Welcome Home Sunday This Sunday, March 27th

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello Church

This Sunday we are going to have a special service called, "Welcome Home Sunday" which is a service to invite those that have stopped attending the church or drifted away.  It is also a service to appreciate the radiant and blameless bride of Christ, the Church!  The Church is the Pillar and Foundation of the Truth but we are also humble servants that are great listeners.  

I would ask you to do three things before this Sunday.  

1.  Pray for a great impact and many people will come.

2.  Make a list of names of those who you know that could come by that use to attend church or those that you think have never come before.  This Service will be very visitor friendly.  I am praying that each of us will have someone at church.  I love how someone put it a long time ago, "Success is Just Opening our mouths and loving people."  Whether you have anyone at church or not my prayer is that we all ask someone.  God will use it.  

3.  Come to church ready to give.  Last Sunday it was awesome to see many new visitors, I was so grateful for many who introduced themselves and reached out to those that were visiting.  

Welcome Home.png

Thank you guys, excited about our new series starting after this Sunday, starting April 3rd we will start our new series, "Is Christianity True?"

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.