Pure in Heart Two Week Series - PLEASE READ & PREPARE: Questions for Next Week to Think about

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello Church 

It was great to be together on zoom and watch the Pure in Heart Midweek.  This email is to help you prepare yourself for an amazing family group discussion.  

1.  If you haven't watched the Pure in Heart Midweek Video  please watch this video. 

2.  Please think about the following questions that you will discuss in our family groups: men and women split.  
  1. What did you personally get out of the midweek? 
  2. Do you Feel like you have access to a consistent safe place?
  3. What areas of your heart need to be pruned as you strive toward holiness? 
3.  Please Check out our resource page on the BCC Website that has the following wonderful things.  

2.  Anonymous survey on purity that we want to encourage you all to fill out. 
3.  A Free Five Day Course on Purity - Entitled:  Five Stones
5.  Counseling Resources to take it deeper 

4.  Please listen to this amazing video on openness entitled:  "The Prince and the Dragon"

5.  Please pray for what you will share and know that you are not alone.  As the story the Prince and the Dragon says.  Only together can we defeat the dragon! We will meet together on next Wednesday April 20th men and women split.  

Love you all - 

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.