Prayer Chain starts on Monday at 12:00am

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello Church!

The prayer chain will start this Sunday/Monday at midnight!  

Please sign up using this link on the Google Docs form, if you don't have google docs, you can ask your family group leader or member to help you sign up.  What we are thinking is that we would have you pray for 55 mins and then call the person who is going to take over and pray with them for 5-10 mins and pass on the prayer chain to them. 

Please sign up for 2-3 slots, keep in mind this is a 24-hour prayer chain.  If you are an early morning person or night owl, you are needed!!!!!

We will also send out some prayer requests and lists to guide you in what to pray, of course, we also have the 31-day intercessory prayer focus as well.  We are praying for the Spirit to be on the Jews today!  What a prayer!  

This Sunday on zoom we are going to talk about the Cyclobomb of Prayer!  We will talk about:

The Quality of Prayer - Luke 11:5-13
The Quantity of Prayer - Revelation 8:1-3

And then we will have time to pray together.  We will also have time to sign up for the prayer chain on zoom, please fill in your slots today and tomorrow, keeping in mind that we need to fill up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday sooner as they are the closer days and times.  If everyone signs up for 2-3 slots we should be in great shape!  

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.