NW Weekly for January 30, 2022

Sharon Metzger



Sun, Jan 30                 Northwest Mission Center worship, Zoom, 10am

Jan 31–Feb 4              Northwest Prayer Chain

Wed, Feb 2                  Midweek by family group

Sat, Feb 5                    Congregational parenting devo, Zoom, 10am


Sun, Feb 6                   Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Feb 9                  NW/NE midweek, marrieds, Zoom, 7:30pm

Wed, Feb 9                  NW/NE midweek, campus/singles, Zoom, 7:30pm


Sun, Feb 13                 Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Feb 16               Midweek by family group


Sun, Feb 20                 Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Feb 23               NW/NE midweek, marrieds, Zoom, 7:30pm

Wed, Feb 23               NW/NE midweek, campus/singles, Zoom, 7:30pm


Sun, Feb 27                 Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Mar 2                 Midweek by family group

Fri–Sun, Mar 4–6      Marriage Retreat, Westin Portland Harborview


Sun, Mar 6                   Worship for those not going to the marriage retreat, TBD

Wed, Mar 9                 NW/NE midweek, marrieds, Zoom, 7:30pm

Wed, Mar 9                 NW/NE midweek, campus/singles, Zoom, 7:30pm

Marriage Retreat—Registration open

Friday–Sunday, March 4–6, married couples are invited to gather at the Westin Portland Harborview (Portland, Maine), with couples from Northern New England for a weekend of inspiring and practical lessons, great fellowship, and time to focus specifically on connecting as spouses. John and Arlene Markowski will invite us into the very real, ridiculous, and sometimes heart-wrenching aspects of their twenty-year love story. We look forward to our own self-discovery, refreshing marital tools, and inspiration with “This Is Us.”.

For complete information and to register:


·       Registration: $45 per couple (For in-person or online attendance)

·       Room Rate: $139 per night (includes all taxes, fees, and parking for one car per room)

·       Registration includes Saturday evening dance with desserts and beverages

·       Breakfast buffet: $40 (all inclusive) per couple.

Register as soon as possible due to limited space

(Wearing a mask is required for in-person attendees.)

Prayer Chain—sign up today!

We are planning a Prayer Chain this coming week, 24 hours/day from Monday (Sunday midnight) through Friday (midnight). We are asking every member who would like to, to sign-up online for at least one slot to pray for an hour at some point during the week. Enter your name for the day and time you will pray and your phone number. If you choose, the person before you can call you and you can contact the person after you to pass the baton and pray together for 5–10 minutes. (If you cannot access the Google signup sheet, please work with a family group member to claim a slot.) Use the daily intercessory prayer themes, and watch email for additional prayer requests and ideas.

Regional Prayer Schedule

We continue our “Unified Intercessory Prayer” month. In the book The Ministry of Intercession, refer to the last chapter, “Pray Without Ceasing: Helps to Intercession.” Each day, please read the short devotional about what to pray and how to pray and then pray that day’s intercessory focus. Please give your heart and prayers to this effort and let us watch what God does with our incense!

Day 22, Sun, Jan 30              Pray for All Who are Suffering

Day 23, Mon, Jan 31             Pray for the Holy Spirit in Your Own Work

Day 24, Tues, Feb 1              Pray for the Spirit on Your Own Congregation

Day 25, Wed, Feb 2              Pray for More Conversions

Day 26, Thurs, Feb 3            Pray for the Holy Spirit on Young Converts

Day 27, Fri, Feb 4                   Pray that God’s People May Realize their Calling

Day 28, Sat, Feb 5                Pray that all God’s People May know the Holy Spirit

Day 29, Sun, Feb 6                Pray for the Spirit of Intercession

See emails from Glenn for a free PDF version of Andrew Murray’s The Ministry of Intercession, or you can buy a hardcopy from Amazon, or get the free Kindle version.


Online Support Groups

Recovery Groups

Contact a leader for schedules and links.

Men’s Freedom Group
Dan Key, 603-943-3656

Women’s Partners in Freedom Group
Gail Scott-Key, 978-996-0694

Women’s Chemical Recovery Group
Rowena Hirmer, 978-888-3535

Men’s Chemical Recovery Group
Peter Hirmer, 978-888-3534

Lazarus Group, Saturdays

The Lazarus Group is a support group for those with various disabilities. Contact Ron DiBerto (ronalddiberto@...) for meeting times and other information.

Contribution Report

Northwest budget:                                   $15,500
Collected:                                                     $11,865
YTD variance:                                         – $18,180

BCC Parenting Devo

Parents of children of all ages, you are invited to the BCC Parenting Devotional and NextGen Ministry Kick-off on Saturday, February 5, 10am–noon on Zoom.

During our time together, we will cover a few Principles of Parenting that apply at every stage, introduce the Pillars of Next Gen Ministry, and present a Plan to support you in your parenting through the year.

Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88435450368?pwd=SFRUQVBZQnVxcTdiajZmeHo1NEhWZz09

Prayer Requests

Please pray for a miraculous 2022.

Continue to pray for those affected by COVID-19, and for Rebekah Cox, Alexa DiBisceglie, Aaron Dollar, Michael Gloor, Mary Jo Roche, Alan Roscoe, and Rafe Shropshire.