NW Weekly for April 3

Sharon Metzger



Sun, Apr 3                   Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

                                         “Is Christianity True” series begins

                                         Online: www.youtube.com/c/bostonchurchnorthwest

Wed, Apr 6                  NW/NE midweek, marrieds, Zoom, 7:30pm (last class)

Wed, Apr 6                  NW/NE midweek, campus/singles, Zoom, 7:30pm (last class)


Sun, Apr 10                 Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Apr 13               Congregational midweek, “Pure in Heart”


Sun, Apr 17                 Northwest Easter worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Apr 20               Midweek by family group, “Pure in Heart” discussion


Sun, Apr 24                 Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Apr 27                Midweek


Sun, May 22               Walk for HOPE

July 31–Aug 7             World Discipleship Summit, Orlando

Aug 13–20                   New England Teen Camp

Aug 15–20                   Preteen Camp

Midweek Classes

This week we finish our midweek classes. On Wednesday, April 6, Zoom rooms open at 7:15; come early for fellowship, classes start promptly at 7:30.

·       The Art of Intimacy, Northwest and Northeast Marrieds, with Dr Jennifer Konzen:
Meeting ID: 834 6055 0493
Passcode: 529190

·       Overflowing: Lessons of Faith, Northwest and Northeast Singles, Campus, anyone not taking the Intimacy class:
Meeting ID: 889 0631 2277
Passcode: 571433

Day of Teaching: How to Live the Spirit-Enriched Life

Do you desire a deeper spiritual life? If so, learn how to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit! If you missed yesterday’s BCC Teaching Day with Andy Klock, Wayne Chin, and Valdur Koha, you can watch it any time:


Walk for HOPE

Food insecurity remains a central issue among families who are struggling and/or out of work, and also because of increasing inflation in our country and around the world. This year’s Walk for HOPE is more crucial than ever, and we can make a big difference!

Last year we had the best fundraising ever—$137,000. Our goal this year is $150,000 churchwide, which will have a two-fold purpose:

·       Donate to 10 food pantries in the greater Boston area

·       Send a substantial part of this donation to alleviate food insecurity in Ukraine and to help refugees flooding out of that country

This year’s walk is Sunday, May 22, and the weekend will include many special events. Many dearly loved brothers and sisters from all over the US will be in town for the HOPE worldwide national board meeting: they will share good news and inspire our community outreach. This is a phenomenal opportunity for us to help others, as we have in the past.

Pure in Heart Midweeks

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.                                —Matthew 5:8

Although we have made Jesus Lord, been washed in the blood of the lamb, and desire to be holy, holiness takes focus and effort in our walks with God and fellowship with one another. Thanks to the Freedom Ministry and the Eldership, we will devote two midweeks in April to holiness. These topics apply not only to struggles with sexual sin but also to all idols and sins in our lives.

April 13: Pre-recorded midweek about staying pure in heart for God through fellowship and walking with Christ. We will present some resources for holiness:

April 20: Discussions in family groups (separate men and women) for an opportunity to be open and help each other be pure in heart.

Online Support Groups

Recovery Groups

Contact a leader for schedules and links.

Men’s Freedom Group
Dan Key, 603-943-3656

Women’s Partners in Freedom Group
Gail Scott-Key, 978-996-0694

Women’s Chemical Recovery Group
Rowena Hirmer, 978-888-3535

Men’s Chemical Recovery Group
Peter Hirmer, 978-888-3534

Lazarus Group, Saturdays

The Lazarus Group is a support group for those with various disabilities. Contact Ron DiBerto (ronalddiberto@...) for meeting times and other information.

Contribution Report

Northwest budget:                                   $15,500
Collected:                                                     $13,085
YTD variance:                                         – $22,896

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the success of Kim Smith's knee replacement surgery on April 5 and for her physical therapy afterward.

Please pray for peace in Ukraine. To get updates from churches in the area and join a daily prayer time at 2pm ET, follow Shawn Wooten’s Facebook page:

You can donate to relief work via HOPE’s Global Disaster Response fund and/or EMS’s Ukraine Emergency Relief

Please pray for a miraculous 2022.

Continue to pray for those affected by COVID-19, and for Rebekah Cox, Alexa DiBisceglie, Aaron Dollar, Michael Gloor, Mary Jo Roche, Alan Roscoe, and Rafe Shropshire.