New Series - Is Christianity True? Amazing to Bring Friends to

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello my brothers and sisters!

What a victory this Sunday!  So many friends came out to be with us and the buzz in the fellowship was so awesome!  

This coming Sunday we will start a life changing 6 week series for all that attend.  Every week there will be apologetic lessons to build faith on different challenging topics.  All answering the question, Is Christianity True?  We will open up with worship, welcome/communion/offering and then jump into a 30 minute talk on the given subject and then have 15 min Q & A.  Going to be fun to hear the questions asked!  

It should be so faith building too, it might not be a bad idea to think about bringing in the pre-teens on some of these subjects.   

Friends visiting
All faithful Christians no matter what age and stage
Those that came to the Welcome Home Service

Thanks to Dan & Lory Demshar for organizing this event and for all the speakers involved.  Here are the different subjects for the different weeks.

April 3 - Does Truth Exist?
April 10 - Does God Exist? 
April 17 - Evidence for the Resurrection
April 24 - Do Miracles Exist? 
May 1st - Is the New Testament Reliable?
May 8th - Scientific Statements in the Bible 

Let's make a prayer list of all those that we can invite.  God is on the move!  I am so excited to build my faith along with all of you!  

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.