Men's Midweek and Teen Midweek tonight at 7:30-8:30pm

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello everyone 

Just a reminder we will be having a midweek tonight for the men and teens will have a midweek as well.  See you soon.  

Here is the worksheet (see attachment) that we will be handing out to help each person think about the six ONES we are going after in 2023 to Hear his Voice, Proclaim his Name, and Write the Future.  

Below is the focus again to go along with the worksheet.  Sisters, you can get a jump start on thinking of your 2023 plan! 

ONE back.png
ONE front.png
 and Write the Future.  

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.