International Potluck details for Nov 20: pick up trays Nov 6

Sharon Metzger

On Sunday, November 20, we will celebrate the diversity and cultures that God has created in a time of worship together, followed by an international potluck. We hope to have a delicious assortment of food representing as many cultures and regions as possible. Please decide what Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Greek, American (Southern, Cajun, New England), German, Eastern European, African, Caribbean, Indian, etc, dishes your group can provide!

We will set up buffet tables with chafing dishes to keep the food warm during the service. 

* On November 6, please designate one person in your family group to pick up foil chafing pans and distribute to family group members.
* On November 20, please bring all warm dishes in those pans; bring all food and drink items to the gymnasium between 9:30 and 9:45am.

We will also provide index cards for you to display the name of your dish and the country/region that it represents. You may also want to include any special dietary notes (if the dish is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, contains nuts, etc.)

What to Bring

Married/Mixed Family Groups:
  • 3-4 Half trays of Main Dishes (for example, noodles, pasta, casserole, chicken)
  • 1 Half tray of a Warm Side Dish (for example, rice, cooked veggies, potatoes, egg rolls)
  • 1 Half tray (or bowl/platter) of a Cold Side Dish (salad, veggie tray, chips & salsa, bread)
  • 1-3 Desserts (depending on the size of your group)

Singles Family Groups, Campus, and Teen Leaders:
Please have each person bring 4-5 Drinks. Please arrange for an assortment of soda, non-soda, teas, juices, non-sugar. The church will provide water (and cups and ice).

The following items will be provided by the church:
Plates, napkins, utensils, chafing dishes with heaters, serving utensils, cups, ice, water

If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Lamkin. Text: 978-265-6501 or Email: lamkidsbooks@....