In need of a Car & Housing for our new COAL Intern - Alex / Kolade

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello everyone

My family is recovering from sickness thank you so much for your prayers and care.  

As many of you, there is a big transition happening this September as the Petres after serving mightily in the campus ministry are now coming off of staff in the campus ministry and "Alex" now Kolade and Anjali will be leading the campus ministry.  Great momentum is built and I am excited to see what God does this next year on the campus to build on the foundation that the Petres built. 


We have a need I would ask you to pray about and love any suggestions.  

As many of you know Alex who is now asking everyone to call him Kolade (pronounced Koliday) is in need of housing and a car as a Chance of a Lifetime intern.  Kolade is Alex's first name and Alex is his middle name recently he has come to the conviction he wants to be called by his first name from now.  I would ask us to start calling Alex, Kolade (pronounced Koliday).  

Anyway, the BCC has asked every intern who is part of COAL to have housing and transportation provided by the region.  I am asking if anyone has any ideas as far as housing and transportation opportunities.  The Church is willing to put forth some money toward a car and monthly rent/utilities if it is reasonably priced.  We are in need of finding housing and a car by faith by August 30th or before as that is when Kolade starts!  

Please email me/text me if you have any ideas - glennppetruzzi@... or 617-777-6696

I would ask if anyone has any ideas, a free car that we could lease for a year from someone or possibly sell we would love to buy it if the price is right.  Or even better if someone would like to donate a car for a year or forever we would gladly take that as well.  We could use it for future COAL people.  

We are also looking for a housing situation for him.  Kolade is an MIT graduate and is sacrificing much to serve God full-time in the ministry as he dreams to save as many as possible. 


PS:  Good News - Nic Petre has accepted the communication/social media minister position for the BCC.  This will make a huge impact on our church and outreach!  We are so proud of the Petres and so grateful for their friendship, partnership, and hearts! This Sunday Nic is going to preach on Hebrews - don't miss it!  Melody still interviewing please pray for her to love the job she lands!  


I love this region and all of you who are in it!!!!!!

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.