Google Listing - Please read and please write a review today (takes 2 mins) -

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello brothers and sisters,

This email is from Nic Petre, let's do this today if possible it will mean souls being saved!  

The Boston Church communications team has been hard at work helping us grow in our online presence as a church. One of the projects has been getting our region listed on Google Maps at Butler Middle School. After receiving permission from the school and approval from Google, we now have a Google listing!

We wanted to solicit your help in writing reviews of the church so more men and women seeking God can find us!

If you have a Google account, click the link below, scroll down the listing until you see the "Write A Review" button, then click it, leave your review, and post.
We have also attached a quick video showing you how to do it on desktop and mobile.

Let's pray for many more souls to enter the Kingdom through our efforts as a church in our online outreach and let's keep our eyes open for new faces every week and help them find a place in our community.

Thank you so much!

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.