Benevolence Link for Ukraine Relief Fund - Giving Benevolence This Sunday

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello NW Mission Center

In March the Boston Church is giving all of their benevolence offering toward the Ukraine Relief Fund.  If you automatically give benevolence each month, March's benevolence will go toward Ukraine Relief Fund.  (see letter below from MIllers & VanAukens)

Here is the link below if you would like to give online


Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Boston Church,


As we are sure you have seen and heard by now, the country of Ukraine is being invaded by Russia.  The danger, fear, and instability that these people face is hard to imagine.  Our hearts go out to them as we watch from the safety of our homes and country.  Reports estimate that millions will be displaced and without homes, fleeing as refugees to other countries.


Shawn Wooten, a long-standing hero and missionary in our church as well as the former Lead Evangelist of the Kiev Church, now works with EMS to strengthen the churches of Eastern Europe and is currently leading our RevivEE team in Moldova.  The revivEE team is a group of courageous missionaries from around the world, including many from Boston, who have given up a year of their lives to strengthen the churches and share their faith with the lost people of Eastern Europe.  The team is safe and is currently living in Moldova, 70 or so miles from the Ukrainian Border.


They are already seeing many disciples from the Ukrainian churches stream into the hotel where they are staying, and the needs are great and growing.


We know all of our hearts long to help.  While HOPE is developing a plan and EMS is working diligently to figure out the needs and how to meet them, the leadership of Boston wants to give you who are always so generous of heart an opportunity to give.  Boston is setting aside our March Benevolence contribution for the Ukraine.  We want to send the link out now to whomever wishes to give.  There is still discussion going on with HOPE and EMS about the best ways to use the money, but surely it will be needed and we wanted to send the link out now for those who wish to respond.


Thank you for your generous hearts and giving spirits.

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.