Alan Roscoe funeral update (Friday, Feb 24)

Sharon Metzger

Update -- please note arrival times and the two-part schedule.
Alan Roscoe's funeral service
St Joseph's Cemetery
96 Riverneck Rd, Chelmsford

NOTE: There are two different arrival times, please read below to see what time you should show up.

There will be private & public parts of the funeral, Friday, February 24:

* 12 Noon Private: The service at the cemetery's chapel is for just family, extended family, and a few closest friends (by invitation, which has already been communicated). This will only be 15mins, 12pm-12:15pm. If you're part of the private service, please arrive no later than 11:45am.
* 12:15 Public: The public part of the funeral will be at 12:15pm at the burial site. This will include a few songs, a few words, and a prayer at that site. If you're publicly attending, please arrive no later than 12pm (15mins early). Please allow space at the front for family & close friends.
Thank you to everyone who has shown love and support during this difficult time. Please share this with anyone who might want to come.