Generosity / Special Missions This Sunday 10/16

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello Everyone,


We are so excited about this Sunday and the amazing opportunity we have to give to help souls be saved both in New England and Europe.  


We will have an extended time to worship God as we prepare to honor God with our giving.  Our goal again is 10x our weekly offering.  I know God is going to move.  Over the years this region has honored God and been a huge part of helping God's word spread all over the world.  As said before the Boston Church alone has planted over 70+ churches and those churches have planted over 700 churches worldwide!  We get to be a part of seeing God add to more churches and nations planted this Sunday!  


We will have a special time of extended worship and then have our regular contribution at the beginning of the service and then have a sermunion and then we will give and celebrate the privilege of giving our special mission contribution.   Any checks can be made out to Boston Church of Christ and in the memo write "missions".


Here is an inspiring and moving video from the Berlin church from EMS and the new Frankfurt planting.   I have also attached a prayer list of all the churches in Europe.  


I’ve attached a simple file of instructions on ways to give missions contribution (please read the attachment) to the church this year that you can share with your members.  The instructions also include options for members to make online pledges.  Any pledges should be fulfilled by 12/31/2022.


We will see you Sunday!  


Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.