NW Weekly for October 2, 2022

Sharon Metzger


Sun, Oct 2                   Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

                                         Online: www.youtube.com/c/bostonchurchnorthwest

Wed, Oct 5                  Midweek: men and teens, Butler Middle School, 7:30pm

Fri–Sat, Oct 7–8        Hoops for HOPE, UMass Lowell Rec Center


Sun, Oct 9                   Congregational worship, Lowell Auditorium, 11am

Wed, Oct 12               Midweek: women and teens, Butler Middle School, 7:30pm


Sun, Oct 16                 Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

                                         Generosity Sunday

Wed, Oct 19               Midweek by family group

Sat, Oct 22                 College Fair, Arlington building, 10am


Sun, Oct 23                 Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Oct 26               Midweek: men and teens, Butler Middle School, 7:30pm


Sun, Oct 30                 Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Nov 2                 Midweek: women and teens, Butler Middle School, 7:30pm


Sun, Nov 6                  Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Nov 9                 Midweek by family group


Sun, Nov 13                Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Nov 16              Midweek: men and teens, Butler Middle School, 7:30pm


Sun, Nov 20                Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am


Sun, Nov 27                Northwest Mission Center worship, Butler Middle School, 10am

Wed, Nov 30              Midweek: women and teens, Butler Middle School, 7:30pm

Next Week: Congregational Worship “Write the Future”

On Sunday, October 9, 11am, join us as we unveil our 2030 vision! All nine regions of the Boston Church will be coming together to celebrate, dream, and worship God at Lowell Memorial Auditorium, 50 E Merrimack St, Lowell. The Vision Team will present the 2030 vision for the church and set our hearts and faith on what God will do in the coming years.

We want to invite all of the kids of the Boston Church to join us during this worship for fun, engaging and interactive Children's Ministry classes! Children 2–3 years old will be at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, and children age 4 through preteen will be at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center, just a short walk from the Lowell Memorial Auditorium. At the Lowell Auditorium, there will also be a room for nursing mothers and a space for children under 2 years old where they can be with a caregiver.

In order to help us know how many kids to prepare for, please pre-register your kids. No kids will be turned away the day of the service if they have not pre-registered. Please register here.

Missions Contribution/Generosity Sunday

On Sunday, October 16, we will celebrate Generosity Sunday and collect our annual special missions contribution to support churches in Europe. Our mission and purpose in Christ are threefold: save the lost, strengthen the saved, and serve those in need. To spread the gospel in hard-to-reach places, we donate toward planting new churches and strengthening congregations. Our collective goal in the NW Mission Center is to give 10x our weekly budget. Please pray, and then decide in your heart to give as much as you can in good conscience and in faith. For more information and inspiration about the European Missions Society please see www.euromissions.org

Kids Contribution: We encourage parents to include their kids in giving, even if it is giving a bit of pocket change—it can help teach a child’s heart and help them to have reason to celebrate too!

HOPE Report

Benevolence contribution: In 2022 we have helped 31 families in our church with $46,000 that has provided support for housing, medical, transportation and food needs. Thank you for your monthly support!

9/11 Day of Service: The September 11 Day of Service programs were a great success. The Respect and Relationship training was inspiring and practical (this was recorded and will be available soon). The fundraiser dinner was a blast with 150 people enjoying a night to learn about various cultures and how to play African instruments. Thousands of dollars of school supplies were donated to children in Uganda. Thank you for all of your love and caring spirit!

Teen Police Academy: Enjoy this inspiring TV news story about our brother Darryl Owens and the Boston Teen Police Academy. HOPE worldwide Massachusetts has been one of the key supporters for this program over the years.



The Hoops for HOPE basketball marathon fundraiser will be held 8am, Friday, October 7, until 8am, Saturday, October 8 at UMass Lowell Rec Center, 322 Aiken St, Lowell. Stop by to encourage the players. To donate, visit the event web page (www.playforapurpose.org) and select a player to sponsor (you’ll see familiar names!). On their personal page, click the donate button. Donations go to the Boston Police Teen Academy, the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital in Cambodia, and HOPE worldwide.

Sunrise Hike

Our annual sunrise hike (for beginners to advanced hikers) is rescheduled for Saturday, October 8. If interested, please contact Karen Arsenault (508-221-6605, kearsenault@...).

Contribution Report

Northwest budget:                                   $15,500
Collected:                                                       $9,400

Online Support Groups

Recovery Groups

Contact a leader for schedules and links.

Men’s Freedom Group
    Dan Key, 603-943-3656

Women’s Partners in Freedom Group
    Gail Scott-Key, 978-996-0694

Chemical Recovery Groups
    Men: Peter Hirmer, 978-888-3534
    Women: Rowena Hirmer, 978-888-3535

Lazarus Group, Saturdays

The Lazarus Group is a support group for those with various disabilities. Contact Ron DiBerto (ronalddiberto@...) for meeting times and other information.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Michael Lamb and family. Michael has been diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma, and begins treatment on October 11. You can follow updates at: www.caringbridge.org/visit/michaelwlamb

Please pray for a miraculous 2022.

Continue to pray for peace in Ukraine, for those affected by COVID-19, and for Alexa DiBisceglie, Aaron Dollar, Michael Gloor, Mary Jo Roche, Alan Roscoe, and Rafe Shropshire.