Covid Updated Guidelines/Policies for Services in the Future

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello everyone 

I assume many of you reviewed the BCC email sent out entitled:   "Churchwide Covid Policy Update" that spoke about the new updated policies that the CRT (COVID REPONSE TEAM) expressed.  The healthcare professionals on this team have seen a significant drop in cases throughout Massachusetts and seeing some great signs for the future.  

The BCC CRT team has said that region by region, the local leadership team will have the responsibility of putting the policies in place in the future as they see fit.  Unless otherwise communicated by the CRT. 

We met with the leadership team and we considered the following things:

Many of our schools have lifted the mask mandate and have made it optional for students and teachers to wear masks in the classroom.

The town of Lowell and the school systems of Lowell including Butler do not have a mask mandate as well as many schools in Middlesex County.

All that being said we will be continuing to monitor things and will remain nibble and cautiously optimistic as we go into the future.  

We also considered that we have an older membership and we need to be wise.  

We also considered how the CDC has responded and the things they have recently put in place at schools and local business levels - lifting mask mandates.  

That being said this is what the leadership team has decided to put into place starting this Friday when we have our worship night. 

1.  Masks in the main auditorium are optional.  We want to respect everyone's right to mask up or not.  We also want to be understanding of those that feel like they would like to keep their distance not spiritually but physically.  

2.  Red and Green Stickers will still be used and everyone will be encouraged to respect the green and red stickers that indicate people's comfortability. 

3. Kingdom Kid Teachers of school children who are too young to be vaccinated 5 years or younger will be required to wear masks but those that are in the older age groups such as the preteen group will not be required to wear masks. Although the kids will not be required to wear masks only the KK teachers. 

4.  We will continue to have an online option for our services.  We understand if you don't feel comfortable coming in person, we respect your right to decide but we pray to have you in person soon.  My hope is that this summer things will get even better. 

5.  Finally, we will monitor these policies at the end of April to re-evaluate how things are going.  

Thank you so much and reach out to Dan Demshar and the other member's leadership team if you have any questions about these policies.  

We love you all - 

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.