Church this Sunday at 10am in Butler Middle School, Focus on Prayer (Free Book Enclosed) & Unified Prayer Plan for Region

Glenn Petruzzi

Hello everyone

Happy New Year!  

We will have church in person at the Butler Middle School tomorrow at 10 am.  

The heat is working!  We will start our Sunday Service and be speaking about Acts 2022 theme for 2022!  We will go into more detail on Wednesday about what that means on our calendar!

But this Sunday we will be speaking about it focusing on prayer!  My prayer is that it will be the central part of our culture to pray, pray, pray.  For that seems how to unleash the power of God and the Spirit on this world and in people's lives.  

Attached is the book I would like us all to read on prayer.  Starting Sunday 1/9 we will start in unison praying through the prayer focuses for 31 days straight.  Just imagine the power of 200+ disciples praying in unity for the same things daily!  Watch out Satan!  God is on the move!  I have attached is a prayer calendar we will go off of together.  

I am attaching two PDFs - Copyright Free

1.  Book Intercessory Prayer by Andrew Murray with a 31-day intercessory prayer focus copyright free 

2.  31 Day Prayer Calendar of what day we will focus on so we can pray in unity.

If you would prefer a hard copy of the book you can order it on Amazon 

We will also be planning an all-night prayer night with a virtual offering as well that we will plan sometime in January.   

Link to EBook - The Link to Ministry of Intercessory Prayer by Andrew Murray on dropbox and below is the same one on google drive.  I know some emails don't have google drive so use above link.  

Amazing quote on intercessory prayer
"History and the future belong to the intercessors. That's because the real struggle is spiritual, not physical. Those who know this are the true subversives, guerrillas of the Spirit, moving kingdoms and creation from their knees."  

We must learn how to be a ministry of intercessors.  Only when we learn this by praying will we unleash the power that we all know is there for us to claim and yet we haven't claimed it!  

For those online, you can use this link for this Sunday, look for service on 1/2/22 on the youtube channel.  

Glenn Petruzzi 

Evangelist, Northwest Mission Center - Boston, MA

Mental Health Counselor in MA, NY, and ME.